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Join Us!...Beginners Welcome. Whether you have experience in ballroom dancing, latin dancing, salsa or in some other genre of dance (tap, ballet, hip hop, etc) or have no dance experience at all, our professional instructors will show you how easy and fun it is to learn to ballroom dance in San Diego. Our talented and experienced instructors provide a wide variety of dance lessons in San Diego nearly every day of the week.

Whatever your goals
– Whether its becoming a good social dancer, spicing up that first wedding dance with a classy and stylish routine, or going for gold and becoming a serious competitive dancer - let us help you get there.


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Ballroom dancing is sweeping America.
Join us to get in on the fun and excitement and enter the entertaining world of ballroom dancing. San Diego dance classes have never been more fun and ballroom dance lessons have never been more popular.

We offer individual and group dance lessons in San Diego for all forms of ballroom dance and latin partnership dances:

Ballroom: Waltz - Tango - Foxtrot - Viennese Waltz - Quick Step
Latin: Salsa - Swing - Cha Cha - Rumba - Samba - Merengue - Paso Doble
Club: West Coast Swing - Hustle - Night Club 2 Step - Country

This English dance is a much faster version of the Foxtrot with quick, hopping steps and jumps alternating with smooth gliding strides. This lively, pulsating, energetic dance is primarily a competitive ballroom dance.



A slower version of the European Viennese Waltz, it originated in the United States in the 1920’s with the Boston Waltz. With its ¾ timing, turning and gliding, powerful strides and “floating” and “hovering,” this easy to learn dance is the most sophisticated and romantic of all the Ballroom dances.


There are three forms of Tango, the original, Argentine Tango, and subsequent American and International versions. The Argentine Tango hails from the back streets of Buenos Aires and gained popularity in the United States and Europe in the 1910’s. While Argentine Tango is slower and more intimate and the American and International styles are more dramatic, powerful and staccato, all forms of Tango are passionate, fiery and sensual.


A popular ballroom dance throughout the world, having more variety than any of the ballroom dances, it ranges from being the most basic to being highly complex. Its capacity for variety makes it at times soft and gliding and at other times jazzy and rhythmical.

This European dance is at least 400 years old and is the oldest dance still danced today. Originating in Germany, it reached its height of popularity in Vienna in the 1880’s. It is a much faster version of the Waltz, and, because of its speed, there are fewer and simpler steps.


This Spanish theatrical dance represents a bull fight, with the Matador (the male) and his cape (the female), and incorporates elements of Flamenco dancing.


This Dominican dance is the perfect complement to Salsa. Having the easiest rhythm and footwork, its focus is on fast-paced, intricate turns.


This Brazilian dance with clever, raw, African movement and rhythms is not only a challenge to master but also an exhilarating and fun workout.


The slowest and most basic of the Latin dances, the Rumba is a sensual dance of love and is a good introduction to Latin dancing and Latin body movement.


Originating in Cuba, this flirtatious, fast, slick, rhythmical dance portrays the chase of courtship. Cha Cha is the smoothest, most sophisticated of the fast Latin dances.


An American dance from the 1930’s and 40’s era of big bands, the Swing has continued to evolve through every decade since. Always carefree, sometimes it’s fast and upbeat like the East Coast Swing, Jive and Jitterbug. Other times it’s slinky, sexy and smooth like the West Coast Swing. These single step, double step and triple step versions make modern swing adaptable to a variety of music styles.


Originating in Cuba, Salsa has become one of the hottest and most popular club dances today. Fast turns and rhythmical movements make Salsa one of the most exciting Latin dances.


Danced to this very popular music genre, all the country-western dances – two step, country waltz, shuffle, shadow – move along the floor at a fast pace while the dancers constantly turn, making it a fun, exhilarating style of dance.


It is the most romantic of the club dances. Easy and playful, it can be danced to many pop songs. While remaining smooth and soft, it uses a lot of the patterns and turns from salsa. It is an excellent choice for romantic ballads and wedding dances.


This quick paced, fun American dance became very popular during the 1970’s disco era. It is “cruisy” and smooth and, at the same time, packed with exciting, fast turns.


West Coast Swing is the official state dance of California. It differs from other swing dances because of its "dancing in a slot" movements and the "push - pull" action of the dancers, giving it an elastic look. It originated in the dance halls of San Diego during the late 1930's where it was popular with US Navy personnel. It is adaptable and fun and can be danced to almost any music, making it popular at nightclubs.